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I’m Tulir293 and this is Maunium, my website.

I mostly play Minecraft, if anything. I got Minecraft Premium on 20.7.2011 and I heard about the game about a bit over a week earlier.

My first touch to real programming was in summer 2012, when I went to a 1 week C# programming course in Jyväskylä University. After that I wanted to learn Java. I started with a book, but that got boring so I quit it.

Later in early 2013 I decided to try make something with Java. My first Java project was born, Minecraft Manager (later renamed to Maunium Manager). Sadly, that project is no longer available, since it broke fully after the Minecraft launcher and authentication system updated.

I recently started developing Forge mods too. So far, I’ve made three mods.

My latest mod, MauEventLib, was smaller but more complicated. As the name suggests, it is a library, currently containing one forge event. It was complicated because I had to use a ASM transformer in order to make it. Took about 3 hours in total to get that thing working. There weren’t any good up-to-date tutorials about using ASM with Forge.

After making MauEventLib, I added a coremod for Maucros (my first Forge mod). It was more complicated than MauEventLib, but a lot easier, as I already had some experience with ASM.

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